Archived: 5 Places To Get Dessert

Jaya takes us on a sweet journey of the city's greatest dessert spots
15 March, 2016

Whether it's an after-dinner treat, a cure for your cravings or a sweet first date, there's a delightful bunch of options in the city for dessert lovers like yours truly. Here are some of the top places serving up excellent sweet treats in the central city.

57 Fort St
This relatively new dessert bar has been making waves and for good reason. 
Colourful desserts stand out in the display case and include beautiful mousses, gelatosmacaroons

279 Queen St
Whenever I have a gelato craving, I go to 
Giapo. Nothing comes close to the gelato art that they're creating everyday, and the staff are always bubbly and cheery. Perfecto!

OKO Dessert Kitchen
291-297 Queen Street
The sign says "Life is too short, have dessert first!" I couldn't agree more. If you're feeling a bit adventurous, their cabinets hold some of the most delicious 
flavour combinations, including smoked praline and peanut butter parfait.

The Gateau House
332 Queen Street
Sponge cakes, cream cakes, log cakes, mousses and more, the treats from Gateau House are beautifully decorated. The courtyard at this Queen Street spot provides a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you're ever in need of a celebration cake, this is the place.

27 Tyler Street
Tiny, yet exquisite is how I'd describe this gem in the heart of 
Britomart. Gorgeous plated desserts, colourful cabinet treats and perfect gelatos are all on offer here.