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Getting in and out of the Central City

Getting in and out of the city has never been so easy. The new HOP card is available for payment and services across integrated services are the idea. With more frequent services and new electric trains the improvements to Auckland's transport network. 

In July 2014 the fare change for buses, trains and ferries meant that adults who use the AT HOP card for their travel will receive a 20% discount off the single trip adult cash fare (excluding NiteRider, Airbus Express and Waiheke ferry services). Child and tertiary AT HOP users will also continue to receive discounts on most services, when compared to the equivalent cash fares. In contrast most cash fares for bus and train and some cash fares for ferry will increase (some AT HOP fares for ferries will also increase). 

Here are the transport details for how to travel in and to Auckland's central city area.



Trains and electric trains

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Transport Links
Transport Links
Transport Links