Top Tips for Spark Arena gigs

Pre and post drinks at the inner city venue
16 May, 2018

The next few months are charged with international music acts gracing us with performances at Spark Arena. Whether you're going with a group or friends or a date head to one of these spots, where you'll get a meal or a drink quick smart and be on your way to dance it up at the gig.

Britomart is located in handy proximately to Spark Arena and has a variety of inviting places to go for something to eat and drink. If you are looking to carry on the night after the show then head along to one of these hot spots for a post-show debrief, or drink and a dance. With the ever increasing number of places having late night menus there is also sure to be something that will hit the spot if you're hankering for a post-show bite to eat too.

Pre gig
This spot provides more of a full experience with a meal and the atmosphere to match and is better for a date night or a with a few friends. You’ll want to head there early to get a table (no reservations) and nab a good table prior to a gig.

Pre gig
The City Terrace menu caters perfectly to a pre-gig meal and drink. There's nothing like the fresh flavours of the chopped salads to make you feel very virtuous while still enjoying the best of the seafood like prawn, fish and more. And with attentive service, and couches, or high bar style seating you can be well looked after at this lovely stopover spot.

Post Gig
Sociable, with outdoor space and fires to keep you warm as the weather turns chilly. The great drinks menu is another draw card with craft beers, cocktails, wines and non-alcoholic house made sodas. With a cool breeze and a cheese platter otherwise a seafood platter or two; this is the ideal place to stop in for their late night menu. The battered gurnard sandwich is the perfect treat and way to end the night and you can get oysters and lamb cutlets. 

Pre gig
More of a bar environment this is perfect for a quick bite and cocktail. An intimate setting, this is a grown up version of Tyler St Garage and the great cocktails make this a prime destination for something to sip with a healthy offerings of Japanese inspired meals before you head to the venue.

Post gig
Open late with light food options to refuel post gig. The tacos are a great addition and fusion food which are served until 2am on Thursdays and Fridays. The dimly lit bar and eatery is perfectly situated for a stopover in the aftermath of a show. A great place to go in a pair and for a date or a catch-up your conversation won't get lost in the atmosphere of the bar or a high stud.

This spot is within a hop and a step of Spark Arena and has evening dining prior to gigs and specials on the chalkboard outside on gig nights. Enjoy a meal for less and with inspired options you will likely be enjoying your meal and there are plenty of options which will fill you up without sending you over the edge.


The Southern style eatery is a hit with the locals and those who are in the mood for a quick and satisfying meal. With music on every night of the week; you are sure to get your night started right or keep it going on gig night.
With a nod to the Southern states; you can get some warm service and hot cajun and creole food. There are bowls for sharing which is perfect for a larger group and when you want the express experience and trying out tastes of new and interesting flavours.

If you're not ready for the show to be over after the gig, head to this eatery for live music and some comfortable seating. Take a load off and excape the grind by enjoying a few of the best options for small items including chicken waffles and po boys for a great snack.

Northern Steamship Co.
This spot has plenty of room and is a good bet when the weather gets cold. Settle in here for a little while or a long while before the show starts and get out without a big bill; here is a place you will want to go for a craft beer and a snack!

The special quick menu on show nights allows you to get ahead of the pack and still make it out of the bar in time to see the show. There are plenty of spots in the sun if you manage to catch a sunny day or you could enjoy a brief catch-up in an informal atmosphere. 

Getting there 

Britomart parking options include a valet service for $20* for three hours (includes parking charges), then $5 each additional half hour to a daily maximum of $45 (to midnight). For other parking options around the city centre click here.

Departing and arriving directly at Britomart Train Station, it is not far to then walk to the venue.  Or treat yourself and from Britomart grab a ride from The Bikemen, a rickshaw operator in the city centre.