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Part of Summer in the Square

Auckland Live have teamed up with Urban Pantry to create a series of urban gardens as part of Summer in the Square 2015/2016.

These DIY vegetable gardens were designed by Jane Hakaraia, with gardening experts from Urban Pantry, an organisation committed to creating and promoting urban gardens across Auckland. Plants were supplied by Kings Plant Barn.

In January and February, Urban Pantry are running a series of great workshops designed to teach you how to cultivate your own edible garden. Check out the various workshops below:


Harvesting Rainwater for your Garden

Saturday 16 January at 2pm

Learn how to set up a home rainwater system to catch the rainwater that falls on you roof to use in your garden. Save money on your summer water bills while keeping your garden thriving. This workshop is taught by Laurie Dee from Rainworks.


Composting, Worm Farms and Bokashi

Saturday 23 January at 2pm, or Sunday 7 Feburary at 2pm

​An introduction to the three basic composting systems that can be used in the home and garden; traditional composting bins, worm farms and Bokashi buckets. The courses are proudly supported by Auckland Council and delivered by the Compost Collection. This workshop is taught by Richard Lee from Compost Collective.


Setting Up an Organic Edible Garden

Sunday 31 January at 2pm

With Kings Plant Barn


Growing Fruit Trees in the City

Sunday 14 February at 2pm

A Kings Plant Barn expert will share top tips for growing fruit trees in Auckland. Find out which varieties you can grow in small urban gardens, how to care for them, and how you can get the most fruit out of limited space.


Tastes from the Garden

Friday 19 February at 2pm

Bid farewell to the vegetable gardens and celebrate the harvest. A chef will transform the harvest from the Summer in the Square vegetable gardens into delicious snacks for you to try, and maybe even share some recipe suggestions.


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