Hot Yoga Works

The newest health and fitness attraction in the Downtown area is Hot Yoga Works, run by Rebeckh Van der Fluit.

Van der Fluit says that Bikram is a method encapsulating all the benefits of yoga. "The physical aspect of the heat and the postures, combined with the concentration, is pure genius".

Classes run 7 days a week and the studio is conveniently located 2 mins from Britomart Transport Centre. The studio provides the perfect conditions and facilities for practicing Bikram Yoga a complete workout for the mind and body. Bikram is practiced around the world with over 600 studios and over a million Bikram yoga practitioners. Each class is run in 40C heat, which helps you to do your postures optimally.

Hot Yoga Works, Britomart will be hosting a series of special workshops and posture clinics for yogis in November. From an immersive 7-day training to 2 hr long posture clinics. Here’s a rundown for the workshops available.

26&2 Garland Hume Master Cla​ss
Friday 3 November, 6pm - 8pm

A master class is an extended version of a Bikram Beginners class. In this class you will be given extra tips on the postures, valuable information on how the postures work and expert techniques to get more out of your class. Suitable for everyone. All levels of practice. Investment $24. 

Master class & Garland Hume Workshop
Saturday 4 November, 10am & 12pm - 2.30pm

Introduction to Intermediate Yoga practice, learn to use the concepts from the Bikram Beginners series and apply them to more intermediate and advanced poses. Workshop is for all levels. Investment $80 pre-pay or $100 on the day. This package includes Friday’s master class and the Intro to Backbending workshop below.

Introduction to Backbending
Saturday 4 November, 3pm - 4pm

Learn the primary actions necessary to protect the whole spine when backbending helping you to go deeper into your backbends. Investment $24.

Advanced Class with Garland - 84 Classic Hatha Yoga series;
Saturday 5 November, 11.30am - 3.30pm  

$50 pre book or $65 on the day, book here

Full Immersive Jedi Training
Sunday 5  - Saturday 11 November

Created by Esak Garcia, Jedi Fight Club is an opportunity for passionate yogis to step into a world of practice that has assisted numerous people in having a more complete and fulfilling yoga experience. This JFC will be led by Garland Hume, president of USA Yoga. She has been a successful hot yoga studio owner and yoga athlete, and has trained extensively with Esak Garcia and Mary Jarvis (who is the inspiration behind JFC). Garland is one of the most accomplished yoga Jedis, having attended 10 Jedi Fight Club Trainings.

What’s included:

-7 days of Jedi training with Garland Hume, including Jedi homework, 26&2 classes, intermediate yoga classes, and The 84 Class, known as ‘advanced class’
-1 day posture technique workshop to refine hot yoga fundamentals
-JFC T-shirt
-Slumber party style accommodation 

Hot Yoga Works Britomart is situated above a 3 bedroom apartment with a large living area and kitchen space. Bedding will not be provided, but participants are welcome to bring their own air mattress and blankets and spread out in the living area. Slumber parties are a Jedi tradition. Participants are also welcome to find their own accommodation. 

Contact details

13 Commerce St
0800 468 9642
Opening hours: 
Sun 6.30am-6.00pm
Mon 5.30am-10.00pm
Tue 5.30am-10.00pm
Wed 5.30am-10.00pm
Thu 5.30am-10.00pm
Fri 5.30am-6.00pm
Sat 6.30am-6.00pm

Special offer

$10 Classes

Show a copy of the latest Heart of the City email featuring Hot Yoga Works at the studio to enjoy the 9.30am Tuesday or Thursday classes for only $10 including mat.