Hot Yoga Works

The newest health and fitness attraction in the Downtown area is Hot Yoga Works, run by Rebeckh Van der Fluit.

Van der Fluit says that Bikram is a method encapsulating all the benefits of yoga. "The physical aspect of the heat and the postures, combined with the concentration, is pure genius".

Classes run 7 days a week and the studio is conveniently located 2 mins from Britomart Transport Centre. The studio provides the perfect conditions and facilities for practicing Bikram Yoga a complete workout for the mind and body. Bikram is practiced around the world with over 600 studios and over a million Bikram yoga practitioners. Each class is run in 40C heat, which helps you to do your postures optimally.

If you're looking for extra relaxation and recharging, try out their new Yoga Nidra class, a non heated class that is an equivalent of 4-6 hours sleep. The 30-minute class runs every Tuesday, 2pm.

Contact details

13 Commerce Street
0800 468 9642
Opening hours: 
Sun 6.30am-6.00pm
Mon 5.30am-10.00pm
Tue 5.30am-10.00pm
Wed 5.30am-10.00pm
Thu 5.30am-10.00pm
Fri 5.30am-6.00pm
Sat 6.30am-6.00pm

Special offer

$10 Classes

Show a copy of the latest Heart of the City email featuring Hot Yoga Works at the studio to enjoy the 9.30am Tuesday or Thursday classes for only $10 including mat.


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